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Effective January 1, 2017

Thanks for having chosen to train with IIS. You are or soon will be enrolling in a professional training of high caliber which requires equally high standards of participation. Our aim is to assist you in reaching your artistic & professional goals. Please read, initial and sign the following simple rules. They are intended to greatly facilitate your participation and success while studying with us.

The studio trains actors for the professional arenas of Film, TV, Theatre, and Commercials. In addition, the studio offers programs for public speakers and performing artists such as singers, dancers, musicians, etc. to improve their performance skills, presence and overall self-expression. We expect students to be in class to train, develop and successfully break new ground artistically, in their craft and career.

Class Fees

The balance of all course fees are due at or prior to the first class.  You can pay by check, cash or paypal.com. Checks are payable to: Inside the Industry Studios.  When offered, different fees apply when taking 2 or more classes. You may also combine with private training. Please ask for details.

PROGRAM FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE no exceptions. There are no partial refunds. In case of severe emergency you may receive a credit. You must notify the Studio by the third class of the series if you have decided not to continue.

A fee of $35.00 will be charged for any returned checks.

Class Cancellations

YOU MUST NOTIFY IIS OF CANCELLATION NO LESS THAN 2 WEEKS before starts at which time full refunds are given minus $100 deposit for cancelled classes.  CANCELLATIONS:  Cancellations within 7 days prior to the student’s first day of class are subject to loss of $150 deposit.  NO REFUNDS AFTER THE FIRST CLASS.

Make Up Classes

Should you miss one or more classes during the series, there is no provision for makeup classes or interchanging of classes at this time.  Private Sessions:  You must call the studio at least 24 hours in advance to not be charged for a private session missed.  There are NO REFUNDS allowed on previously scheduled private sessions.  If we can conveniently reschedule, we will do our best.  Fees for private sessions are $65 per hour. If scheduled weekly then fee is $50 per session.  If travel is involved, an additional fee may be required.  For details please call studio.

Class Preparation

To participate fully at each session with IIS. We ask and recommend that you practice and rehearse in between classes.In addition to cold reading technique, improvs., character work and the technique elements covered in class, scene work and monologues are also required.

PLEASE BE ON TIME TO CLASS as a courtesy to other actors, the coach and yourself. Class will start on time each week. Should the class not start on time the coach will usually make up that time at the end of class. Please call the studio at (972) 480-7575 if you’re going to be late. Please note that the same applies to private training. A 48 hour cancellation is required for private sessions.

IIS Studio Handouts & Exercises

Any and all IIS documentation and/or peripherals are protected by copyright and may not be used or reproduced without the expressed written consent of IIS and Khadijah Karriem.

The Studio Reserves the Right to Expel or Refuse to Train Anyone

Ineffective commitment or disruptive behavior may result in dismissal from class and/or studio as may frequent or un-communicated absences (unless you are working on the set and have communicated it prior.) We also expect you to be responsible for your training, to put something at stake in becoming an accomplished and “accomplished” actor/performer. Commit to training long-term to reap the benefits you deserve and expect. Be patient as it takes time to develop to maximum potential. NO VIOLENCE! NO MATTER HOW “REAL” IT GETS! Please remember that acting is an art form…no violence of any kind will be encouraged or tolerated in our programs.   While I.I.S. will do everything to ensure our students safely while in class, we are not responsible for accidents that occur while training.  Please manage your participation accordingly while performing on stage or on camera.

In Case of Absence/Emergency

YOU MUST CALL THE STUDIO and your scene partner if you have one that week. Courtesy calls and regular attendance are expected unless employed in the industry or an emergency occurs. In both cases you must communicate it. The studio is on a 24-hour voice mail system and we will get your message at 214-945-3946.