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Khadijah Karriem

Acting Coach, Writer, Producer

Khadijah has been a master student of notable and prominent teachers of acting such as:

  • Kimberly Jentzen — The Living Arts Institute
  • Tony Grecco — Method of Stanislavski Technique,
  • Arthur Mendoza — Lee Strasberg/Stella Adler Technique
  • Margie Haber — Audition Technique
  • Tasha Smith — Ivana Chubbuck Technique

Khadijah has found, through all her studies, that the common denominator in all these techniques is, finding YOUR TRUTH and LIVING YOUR TRUTH, then and only then can you begin to become a great actor.

With this ideal and experience, she has become one of the most sought after acting coaches in her field. Inside the Industry Studios was created to help anyone with a passion, and who is seeking an honest approach to their craft; to grow.


Inside the Industry Studios is a comprehensible approach to the entertainment industry from the inside out. Through our professional workshops and lecture series, we help you to not only hone your craft but empower you with the tools and industry knowledge necessary to succeed. Whether you are pursuing a career in acting, directing or filmmaking, each I.I.S class or lecture is taught by an industry professional, so that we may offer you first- hand knowledge and expertise. We find, the best way to know about the industry you are pursuing, is to learn from a professional who knows.


I was fortunate to be able to work with Khadijah on two separate occasions while in the Texas area preparing some self-tape auditions. Her acting ability and understanding of the industry made our collaborative efforts easy and successful.

Anthony Montgomery, General Hospital, Star Trek: Enterprise

Khadijah has been one of “my” most cherished contemporaries. We braved the industry together in Los Angeles and her knowledge, coaching and creativity were crucial to my success in Hollywood.

Victor Williams, HBO’s The Affair

Khadijah Karriem is a spectacular acting coach! She Is great at helping an actor view the character in different perspectives and making the best choices. She knows how to stretch your abilities and help you unlock emotions and personalities you didn’t even know were in you! If you want to become a phenomenal actor, I definitely recommend studying with Khadijah.

Teresa Ballard, T.D Ballard Productions

I was an aspiring actress when Khadijah took me under her wing. She prepared me for what I needed to know about the industry and what I needed to succeed. She worked with me one on one with my resume, head shots, even my image. I was able to meet and audition for some of her colleagues in the industry. Not only am I blessed to have been mentored by her, but to have experienced her patience and compassion along with her knowledge was exactly what I needed. Khadijah’s help with preparation and attending her classes, I was able to succeed and have confidence in my auditions and land my first commercial.

McKinis Lachae’, Actress

My son has booked theatrical and industrial roles. He has also gotten callbacks and producer sessions for Disney thanks to Ms. Khadijah. I love her natural style of teaching and how she breaks the character down to my son.

Devion Camp, Devion’s Mother, Tish

My daughter Jaelyn thoroughly enjoyed her session with Khadijah and is looking forward to working with her again!

Jaelyn Smallwood, Jaelyn's Mother, Heather

I just had my first one-on-one coaching session with Khadijah and I would HIGHLY encourage others to take advantage of her knowledge and coaching! I will, without hesitation, refer actor associates to join and receive some valuable coaching from Khadijah Karriem!

Kevin Tillett

Inside the Industry Studios is the truth.!! Khadijah Karriem is an awesome acting coach. Inside the Industry Studios offers ongoing acting classes, workshops and lots of fun and confidence building for kid actors. Khadijah helped my daughter Madisyn prepare for a Disney audition and she did a fantastic job getting her prepared for her submission tape. The skills she learned really helped her to build her confidence. She was making some phenomenal choices within her scenes thanks to her acting coach!! Thank you, Khadijah!! You rock!! The workshops are phenomenal and she brings reputable people in the industry to share their nuggets with “the aspiring actor” Keep coaching, encouraging, and inspiring actors Khadijah.

Madisyn McCulloch, Madisyn's Mother, Deanna

Wow! What a great experience! I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have worked with and learned from Alpha Tyler. The things she shared and taught us will be beneficial to not just me, but to everyone who attended. After working on the audition techniques she taught, I am excited for my next audition, and I know that I will be able to use the things I learned from her. Thank you for hosting such an awesome and beneficial workshop.